To Lead or Follow?

I have tried all kinds of leads and Cinderalla I had some trouble finding the one that fit me perfect. Until I found my "glass slipper".


I am a big girl and don't let my fluffiness and cuteness disguise just how buff and strong I am.


I have tried a front harness, back harness, normal collar, Gentle leader nose collar and a Martingale collar none of them quite worked for me I was still pulling my Mom along becuase I am so excited to be out and about smelling and seeing everything.


I needed a collar that reminded me from time to time that I am not the Alpha girl that I think that I am. 


I now wear a very beautiful and decorative Lola training collar in a pretty color of purple of course. This collar is what is referred to as a Prong Collar. Now I know what you are thinking. Eek doesn't that hurt! No it doesn't really.. I would tell you. The collar gently reminds me that I need to listen to my Mom even when I don't think I need to. It actually feels better to be reminded this way than pulling on my chest and or my neck with a collar. I tend to get so excited that I choke myself pulling too much with other collars. 


Now I walk comfortably by my Mom's side enjoying our daily walks...oh and how I love our walks. I have even got a compliment or two on how well behaved I am.  This makes me really happy and proud!