My Puppy Story starts here.....

I am originally from Costa Mesa. My dog Mom was a Labradoodle and my Dad was a full standard Poodle. I have 10 Labradoodle brothers and sisters(click here to my doodle sibilings). My mom was the photographer that came to take our pictures when we were 4 weeks until we turned 8 weeks. She scooped me up in her camera bag...well not exactly I was a little too big at 8 weeks to fit. I knew she would be my Mom from minute I saw her she could not resist my charms and pretty green eyes.


When I got home to my surprise I had two older brothers. I was told they were Shelties. They were sure furry little things. They didn't exactly greet me with open paws and I can't image why I went straight to biting and chasing them. They eventually started to love me too. I was smaller than them when I got home but that didn't stay that way for long.


I am now 70lbs well that is at least what the scale said last but I am saying right now the leash weighs a few pounds.


I feel more French than Lab as I believe I am a FB1 Labradoodle. Meaning I have more Poodle in me than Labrador Retriever. I have extremely long legs like a French super model(Heidi Klum has nothing on my legs) and I adore croissants and Rose champagne.... ok I have never had champagne but it looks really tasty with all the bubbles in all. The thought of hunting and playing in the mud doesn't appeal to me at all.. ugh! I am a girly girl all the way.


This website is to share my adventures as a Doodle. I will share my photo shoots (that I enjoy doing with my Mom and yes I do like dressing up), grooming tips, cartoons and a blog.


Oh did I mention I will be turning 6 this year! I love cupcakes and presents... but absolutely NO balloons... I am really scared of those. The way they blow about looks dangerous. I discovered my balloon phobia on my first birthday when my Mom had some for my celebration. I ran in to the house and would not so much as peek my head out the doggie door in fear they would attack me again.


So come with me on my Doodle adventures as I promise to make you laugh and who knows maybe even make you run out and get yourself a little doodle of your own if you don't already have one!


Can you guess which one of these cuties is me? I will give you a hint I almost waving to you!