I have curly more poodle type coat. You hear the horror stories around the water bowl about the dreaded matting and you think this won't happen to my silky curls. This happens to other Doodles. Then one day your Mom is brushing your curls and then OUCH it happens. She brushes and tries to get the mats out but there are too many. It is as if the Mat Fairy visited you in the middle of night and it isn't pretty let me tell you.


There are all kinds of brushes, one of the recommended ones is the allusive Les Pooches brush. Very expensive. There are rakes and blades that help cut through the mats. There are detanglers one that is popular is called Cowboy Magic. It takes a lot of patience but mats can be detangled if you are experienced or you can seek professional help.


In my case that is what envitably happened. My Mom and I sought out the perfect groomer for me.  My Mom didn't have all the knowledge and felt bad thinking she might make a worse mess of it. Remember my brothers were Shelties and didn't have same type of coat as me.


There are some pretty scary stories about grooming gone wrong very wrong. How you walk in and ask for an inch or so taken off then the next thing you know they are giving some sort of miliary short crew cut..Eek!!  I have heard my share of bad grooming stories from other doodles. Groomers think it is easier to shave our fur down completely.


My groomer's name is Melissa and she is the best! She works at Healthy Spot in Long Beach. I simply love her she is so nice to me. The first time I went to her my fur was in quite a state. I was so nervous about my first hair grooming and cut I waited until I was 1.  My advice here is don't wait this long. Research and talk to other doodles and Doodle parents about where they go well before you need to go. My hair was a bit out of control you will see in some of photos... No laughing I sort of look like Chewbacca!


I now go for my Spa day once every six weeks and If I call ahead I can order a special butter bath conditioner treatment. You can't believe how soft and silky my curls are after that. If I feel my fur matting up at bit sometimes I go in for an in between dematting session before it gets out of control.


I will tell you something that is not talked about that much. Doodles with my type of fur are expensive to maintain if you have professionally done and time consuming and takes a good bit of knowledge of grooming if you do yourself.  I love my curls but they take some work to maintain.


Aahh..then there are those doodles and YOU know who you are that have that easy to maintain fur.. so jealous.. I have fur envy. These doodles have a smoother and straight coat. Oh and how they brag about how easy their fur is to take care of..geesh.


Furry Notes