Social Circles and Soirees

I will be honest here as we are all friends and after all this is supposed to be helpful to my Doodle followers.


"Hi I am Emma and I was not socialized enough when I was pup"....this is how I would start my therapy group.


Us Doodles need a lot of socialization and we are a mixed breed and cross bred with Poodles, Labradors and Golden Retrievers. So the exact temperment can't be determined. That being said

we are all a friendly bunch and oh so smart from our Poodle side.  Poodles are the smartest dog breed next to Border Collies.


But we need to be taken out in the world often after we have had our necessary medical checkups and shots so that we don't become timid and too watchful. We need to run and play with our little furry friends on play dates and in big groups... or we can become agressive and shy and not know how to behave in all social situations. I speak from experience here.


My mom had only had Shelties and a Collie before me and they were a smart and reserved bunch that didn't need that much socialization and just needed their own pack to show them how to behave socially.


So when my Mom got me she didn't know any better and while we did go to a Doodle romp which was a lot of fun and I did go to dog beach (click here for my 3 months photo shoot).. a bit terrifying and sandy but I did like it .. it was simply not enough socialization and I became shy, timid and very reserved around people.


I am still working on this today. I mean no harm to anyone especially the little dogs that I scare half to death.. I don't know there is something about their energy and little tails wagging that drives me insane.


I have sought some professional help from a dog behavioralist she says my condition has a name and it is called "Resource Guarding".  It means I feel the need to protect my Mom at all times. With the help of my trainer Aleah who owns I Heart K9 and the right tools I slowly learned my Mom can take care of herself and me too so I don't need to be so intent on doing it all myself.


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