Bistro Selections

I have only eaten since a puppy Orijen dry dog food. It is made in Canada and came highly recmmonded. Puppy food only came in one flavor. When I turned 1 year old I asked Mom if I could try a few of the flavors to see which adult food I liked. The food is full of protein and is very tasty. I currently eat the Original formula Orijen. I have tried them all and because they are so high quality I have been able to go back forth so that I don't bored!


I might not have mentioned but I am a bit of a Diva when it comes to food. I sometimes skip a meal or only eat half of a meal. I am not super food motivated but that being said if there is croissant being offered all bets are off.


The food has been very easy on my digestion and because it is high quality it fills me up so I don't need to snack too much.. I need to watch my figure.  You know how a few extra pounds can add up quick and ugh so so hard to lose. Although who can say no to a decedant afternoon snack every now and then.


When I do snack I like fresh apples a lot. When I am in training and need some special treats I get the freeze dried Orijen Duck. Ooohh and this is really tasty ..that must be the Lab in me craving that!