About Emma

Hair Color: Apricot
Eyes Color: Hazel
Height: 2 1/2 feet sitting
Hair Type: Curly-Poodlesque
Weight: 70 lbs

Daily Diet: Orijen Dry Adult Food

Temperament:  I am very shy

Hobbies: Playing with all that squeaks

Dislikes: Being told "No"

Likes: I love watching TV especially animal shows and my daily walks

Guilty Pleasure: My Spa Day once a month

If I could be another breed it would be: A Collie they have such great fur and so smart

Relationship Status: Currently single

Favorite color: Purple if you have not guessed ..it is my signature color!

Best Feature: Everyone thinks my eyes but I really love my tail.. it is really fluffy and when I wag it let's just say there is not a chance you can't be smiling.